A brief history

The Center for Ecology and Eco-philosophy was established at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in 2002 as part of the Faculty of Christian Philosophy. Earlier, since the academic year 1984/85, there was a section of philosophy devoted to the study of Human Ecology and Bioethics. The section prepared the background for advanced environmental and bioethical research. The first coordinator of the section was Professor Bernard Hałaczek, and then Professor Józef M. Dołęga (since 1999). The Institute has an original approach to environmental research that combines the perspectives of both sciences and humanities.. Thus, since the very beginning, it has presented an interdisciplinary approach toward environmental studies carrying out research in the following disciplines:

  • Behavioral Ecology & Evolution;
  • Soil Ecology;
  • Hydrobiology & Water Protection;
  • Microbiology & Zoology;
  • Toxicology & Biochemistry;
  • Biological Anthropology;
  • Environmental Law;
  • Sustainable Development;
  • Environmental Management;
  • Environmental Education;
  • Bioethics;
  • Environmental Ethics & Philosophy.


The Center’s academics not only conduct research but also convey its results to students of Environmental Protection encompassing:


I – Bachelor program – at this level students gain knowledge of environmental protection, they attend courses introducing them to key issues recently discussed in environmental science and environmental humanities. The studies prepare students to take up employment in a wide spectrum of fields related to environmental protection.


II – Master program – at this level of studies students gain extensive knowledge of environmental protection, they are offered a wide spectrum of courses that prepare them to be experts in environmental research and environmental humanities.