A brief history The Center for Ecology and Eco-philosophy was established at Cardinal Stefan Wyszyński University in 2002 as part of the Faculty of Christian Philosophy.

For candidates Enrolment for the program: Enrolment and registration take place by the electronic system IRK

Programme The Sustainability Studies is an interdisciplinary programme that includes subjects from the area of science, social sciences as well as humanities.

About studies

Sustainability is most commonly defined as meeting the needs of the present generation without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. The field of Sustainability Studies explores and critiques ways to achieve it in the context of maintaining ecological and environmental health while generating economic welfare and ensuring social justice. The…


The aim of Sustainability Studies is to ensure that the graduates of the programme know how to deal with the complex issues related to sustainability. During the 4-semester Master studies our students will be taught about sustainability from two complementary perspectives, i.e. scientific and humanistic. The former will help them to understand processes taking place…


The graduates of Sustainability Studies’ are future leaders and highly qualified experts in sustainability. They are well prepared to work in: international business environment; staff/leadership sections of environmental organizations; local, state, national or international governmental agencies; non-governmental organizations; the R+D sector or academia.