Agata Kosieradzka-Federczyk (Ph.D.)


Ph.D. of legal science. Her scientific interests refer to environmental law, in particular – environmental impact assessment. She has authored and co-authored over 20 peer-reviewed publications. Member of Warsaw Seminar of Administration Axiology. Legal counsel at Ministry of Environment. Experienced in constitutional law – as judge assistant in Constitution Tribunal (5 years).



public law, environmental law, environmental impact assessment


Post fulfilled:

Legal counsel at Ministry of Environment


Master’s Thesis:

“Tutela cautelare in administrative procedure in Italian law” (2003)


Doctoral dissertation:

“Integrated Programme of Regional Development – legal instruments for projects selection (administrative studies)” (2003)


Membership in Scientific Organizations and Associations:

Member of Foundation Board Warsaw Seminar of Administration Axiology


Grants, projects, expert’s statement, scientific research:

  • Legal status of public documents in selected European countries – Italian Republic example; Fundacja Republikańska; June 2016
  • Conditions of land using in exploitation phase or usage infrastructure and creating conditions in “sectoral permissions” and in decision on noise level; Regional Directorate of Environmental Protection in Katowice; September 2016
  • Scientific research on environmental impact assessment in international relations
  • Administrative procedure characteristic in polish legal order – lectures in Italian language, Erasmus+, Siena University, May 2016


Selected publication:

  • Kosieradzka-Federczyk A. (2016), Environmental justice and annulation of decision on environmental conditions issued without environmental impact assessment, red. T. Bojar-Fijałkowski, „Environmental justice in theory and practice” Fundacja Rozwoju Uniwersytetu Gdańskiego, Gdańsk, pp. 157-166
  • Kosieradzka-Federczyk A. (2016), Decentralization in nature protection area; „25 years of local government” red. K. Popik, B. Szmulik, M. Mazuryk, WSEiI in Lublin, Lublin, pp. 71-82
  • Kosieradzka-Federczyk A. (2016), Monitoring as tool for project’s correction at exploitation stage, „Warsaw Seminar of Administration Axiology study work” red. Zbigniew Cieślak, Agata Kosieradzka-Federczyk, pp. 101-110
  • Kosieradzka-Federczyk A. (2015), Environemnt protection in investment procedure (co-authors: A. Fogel, W. Federczyk), author of 50%, Wolters Kluwer,
  • Kosieradzka-Federczyk A. (2015), Open access to environmental information – new phenomenon in public administration? „Warsaw Seminar of Administration Axiology study work” red. Agata Kosieradzka-Federczyk, Z. Cieślak, Tom IV, pp. 133-144
  • Kosieradzka-Federczyk A., Federczyk W., Syryt A. (2015), Legal aspects of civil servants professional ethos, , red. S.H. Zaręba, M. Zarzecki „Civil service, civil servants’ labour ethos in Poland” Warszawa, pp. 37-54
  • Kosieradzka-Federczyk A., Federczyk W. (2014). Is still useful division on private and public law? Legal position of local government example „Compendium dedicated to Prof. M. Gintowt-Jankowicz ” KSAP, pp. 219-228
  • Kosieradzka-Federczyk A. (2014). Can environmental impact assessments influent spatial order? „Housing and land management limitation and spatial order in other acts than act on planning and spatial management” red. A. Fogel, IGPIM, Warszawa, pp. 115-124
  • Kosieradzka-Federczyk A. (2014). Dealing with Environmental Impact Assessment – the Polish experience, „Central and Eastern European Legal Studies” 1/2014, pp. 115-136
  • Kosieradzka-Federczyk A. (2014). Selected tasks of Presidents: Italian Republic and Poland Republic in judgments of Constitutional Courts. „Presidents in Italy and Poland”, red. J. Kielin-Maziarz, J. Wawrzyniak, Leon Koźmiński Academy, Wolters Kluwer, pp. 234-249
  • Kosieradzka-Federczyk A. (2014). Common duties relating to environmental protection in light of constitutional provisions. „Common goods in administration” WPiA, University of Opole, pp. 189-198