Anna Augustyniuk-Kram, Ph.D.


Assistant professor of soil microbiology and ecology. The focus of her research is the ecology of fungal entomopathogens. She gained experience through a lot of foreign and domestic courses and scholarships. She is the author of many original papers on ecology and the use of entomopathogenic fungi in biological control of insect pests. She also conducts research on changes in soil microbial activity influenced by agricultural management practices. She teaches courses on environmental microbiology and physicochemical and biochemical methods of assessment of soil quality. Member of the Polish Mycological Society.


Soil Biology and Ecology, Environmental Microbiology, Entomopathogenic Fungi, Biological Control of Insect Pests


Positions of responsibility:

Director’s Deputy for Promotion and Contacts with Schools


Master’s Thesis:
“Reproduction of Viviparus Viviparus L. in The Mid And Lower Section of The Narew River” (1997)


Doctoral dissertation:
„Genetic Diversity and Biological Activity of Entomogenous Fungi Beauveria Bassiana and Metarhizium Anisopliae in Different Habitats” (2005)


Membership in Scientific Organizations and Associations:
Polish Mycological Society


Grants, projects, expert’s statement, scientific research:

  • „Monitoring of Surroundings Pollution of the Warsaw Inhabitants Based on Biological and Chemical Analysis of House Dust”) – Project Supported by Department of Environment Protection of the Warsaw City Hall) (MONIT), 2003–2005, nr 248/05/2003/G.
  • „Biodiversity of Ecosystems: Origin and Functions” (Task: The Diversity of Model Communities of Soil Organisms), 2003–2006, nr PBZ-KBN-087/P04/2003.
  • „Aliens in Antarctica” (Task: Analysis of Fungal Spores) – Project in the Frame of IV International Polar Year. EBA-SCAR (Evolution and Biodiversity in Antarctica), nr IPY/27/2007.
  • „Forest Ecosystem on Former Farmland – Assessment of the Effectiveness of Selected Reclamation Treatments After 30 Years of Their Use in the Pine Forests in North-West Poland” (Task: Enzymatic Activityof Soils and Soil Respiration ex situ), 2011–2014, Grant of National State Forests.


Selected publication:

  • Chwedorzewska K.J., Korczak-Abshire M., Olech M., Lityńska-Zając M., Augustyniuk-Kram A., (2013), Alien invertebrates transported accidentally to the Polish Antarctic Station on cargo and fresh foods, „Polish Polar Research” 34 (1): 55-66.
  • Augustyniuk-Kram A., Chwedorzewska K.J., Korczak-Abshire M., Olech M., Lityńska-Zając M., (2013), An analysis of fungal propagules transported to the Henryk Arctowski Station, „Polish Polar Research” 34 (3):269-278.
  • Augustyniuk-Kram A., Mazurkiewicz I., Kram K.J., Uss G., (2013), Species structure of entomopathogenic fungi in the soil of Jata Nature Reserve, „Sylwan” 157 (8): 572-577.
  • Augustyniuk-Kram A., Dmowska E., (2013), Spectrum and Concentration of Culturable Fungi in House Dust from Flats in Warsaw, Poland, „Aerosol and Air Quality Research” 13 (5): 1438-1447.
  • Lityńska-Zając M., Chwedorzewska K., Olech M., Korczak-Abshire M., Augustyniuk-Kram A., (2012), Diaspores and phyto-remains accidentally transported to the Antarctic Station during three expeditions, „Biodiversity and Conservation” 21: 3411-3421.
  • Augustyniuk-Kram A., Kram K. J., (2012), Entomopathogenic Fungi as an Important Natural Regulator of Insect Outbreaks in Forests (Review), in: Forest Ecosystems – More than Just Trees, (eds.) J.A. Blanco, Y.-H. Lo, INTECH, Rijeka, pp. 265-294.
  • Augustyniuk-Kram A., (2011), The parasite-host system as exemplified by the interactions between entomopathogenic fungus and insect, „Studia Ecologiae et Bioethicae” 9 (1): 51-68.